Case Study thoughts

Continuing my rushed prep for the Fri 20th August meeting, I’ve had a quick (far too quick) look at the Case Studies, with mixed results.

#1 eMentoring
I recognise the resistance of IT shops to Skype. Jenny’s approach is the same as I’ve seen have success with other new technologies.  If you can get it to the people who want to use it and will get benefit from it, they create the push to get it accepted.

#2 Virtual Conference
I facilitated two of the sessions for this 24-hour event.  I had one big learning point.  My laptop crashed midway through one of the sessions.  I was able to grab my wife’s laptop and was back on air in about 7 minutes.  Salutory lesson – be prepared!  To be fair to myself, I had done plenty of homework in terms of liaising with the two presenters and working out how the sessions would run, so the mantra “perparation, preparation, preparation” means all aspects of the session.

#3 Facilitating asynchronous discussion
I’m running out of time, and I can’t get the link to work 😦  Asynchronous interaction is one area I’m particularly interested in as I have very little experience, especially as a facilitator.  I’ll have to come back next week and try to sort out the technology issuette.

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