Between meetings

I’ve managed to get round all the blogs as listed on the Participants page of the course wiki. There are a few with no postings so I haven’t commented there, and there is one blog that’s only allowing invited followers, but I’ve commented on all the others! I won’t be doing that regularly, but I thought it was important to participate as widely as possible at the start of the course. A massive “hello world”, I guess.

I attended the first meeting this morning, UK time. Over 20 participants from all over the world. Much of the time was spent ensuring people could speak and hear over Elluminate and then introductions. Floyd posted frequent tweets tagged #FO2010, and I think that sort of thing’s going to be really good.

I’m going to attend the second meeting as well, later this evening UK time. But now it’s time to cook the evening meal, then feed the puppy and hope she’s settled again by the time the meeting starts.

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3 Responses to Between meetings

  1. You are awesome getting around all the blogs Chris. I would have loved to hear the introductions and attend the meetings, there is something wonderful about hearing other people’s voices. The Skype call will be interesting. Thanks for keeping your blog current. Good to read where you are ‘at’ with the course. You inspire me to do the same. warmly, Carolyn

  2. I think this is a really good tactic, Chris. I don’t even know if I’ll get around to commenting on every blog post written. As you say…as the course unfolds you’ll have deeper conversations with fewer people.

  3. Hi Chris, I am admire you managing to get around all of the blogs. I am just popping in to a some. Elluminate was an interesting experience and I look forward to the next conversation this Wednesday. Though I suspect it will be at the awful time of midnight for you. Do feel free to email me for any further conversations about creativity and adult teaching
    best wishes

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