Getting organised – 55 blogs!

I’ve managed to carve out a bit of time in advance of the opening meeting to make sure I’m subscribing to all the blogs. I think they must be mushrooms cos every time I go back to the participants page on the course wiki, there are more people registered. There are 55 people listed, including Sarah the course facilitator, as I write! I have got all the blogs added to my Google reader except one – who hasn’t given open permission for anyone to follow.

Now I need to make sure I’m following all the Twitter handles that have been listed and to visit all the blogs to see what people’s opening thoughts on the course are. I hope to post a comment to every one – at least for this introductory week. I’m sure I won’t manage to keep that sort level of activity up as the course work really kicks in.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s meetings (great idea of Sarah’s to schedule a second one) – I’m going to try to attend both and they’re both Thursday, UK time.

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4 Responses to Getting organised – 55 blogs!

  1. Tracy Pemberton says:

    Good to meet you Chris. Your business sounds very interesting.

  2. chriswoodhouse says:

    Thanks Tracy. Let me know if you want to hear more about it. See you tomorrow, hopefully.

  3. Karen Humber says:

    Thanks Chris – you are the second one to suggest google reader to organize all those blogs. On my way to check it out.

  4. What I am in the throes of doing is subscribing to Google Reader…putting then blogs into a FO2010 folder and then feeding that into my iGoogle page. If that doesn’t work, then I give up…

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